FRESHKOTE Preservative Free (PF) is a lubricant eye drop that offers soothing relief and prevents further irritation for patients who have dry eye.

Partnering for healthier eyes

Patients with dry eye disease suffer from discomfort and altered visual acuity, and may ultimately experience damage to the ocular surface. Symptoms can be caused by insufficient aqueous production or, in most cases, a degradation of the lipid layer.

Eyevance Pharmaceuticals needed to educate eye care professionals (ECPs) about their moisturizing product so that, in turn, they would recommend it to their patients with moderate to severe dry eye disease. Dudnyk created the “Nurturing Moisture” campaign to deliver this message to ECPs.


The award-winning “Nurturing Moisture” campaign emphasizes the intense moisture and superior soothing that FRESHKOTE PF provides.

Drawing from natural inspiration, this campaign features the visual of an eye made from nature, evoking the soothing moisture patients are longing for. The graphic complements the copy, which urges ECPs to nurture the eyes of their patients with a fresh approach. Overall, the campaign conveys the sensation of remarkable moisture, along with the promise that when ECPs recommend FRESHKOTE PF, they can be confident that they are providing the best possible care for patients.

Website content educates on the causes of dry eye symptoms and shows how FRESHKOTE PF works to combat them.

The campaign website,, provides a range of useful information for ECPs and patients. Clinical information about dry eye, how the product works, and how to purchase it are included on the website. There is also information on the innovative packaging, which helps eliminate the need for preservatives.

Nearly 10,000 visits to the ordering site

In the 5 months since the relaunch of FRESHKOTE PF, there have been almost 10,000 clicks through to the e-commerce site for patients (

Print ads of the campaign also appeared in several ophthalmology journals and in a sales aid used by Eyevance Sales Representatives as well as in digital display ads.

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