Caring for Friends is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia that provides food and friendship to homebound seniors and people who are disabled, as well as to the homeless and to families of children in need.

Promoting the power of food, friendship, and community

We transformed the 45-year-old, Philadelphia-based nonprofit Caring for Friends (formerly known as Aid for Friends) into a warm, memorable brand that reflects the organization’s belief that no one should be hungry or alone in a world full of caring people.


1 in 5 Philadelphians are unable to access nutritious or sufficient food, many of them seniors.

From paper-based to digitally savvy

The complete brand overhaul included a new name, logo, and color palette along with a revamped website featuring intuitive functionality that allows users to donate, volunteer, or request services for those in need.

We created a campaign that immersed viewers into the experience of seniors in their struggle with hunger and isolation, showing how they feel in their own homes, with no family or friends to visit or assist them. The campaign featured an elderly woman sitting alone on a shelf alongside forgotten items as they collect dust and cobwebs. The scene is further dramatized by the headline, "No one should ever feel shelved," motivating people to provide help through Caring for Friends.

The campaign was featured in Philadelphia magazine, a regional publication with a reach of nearly 2.5 million readers through print and digital media each month. The partnership with Philadelphia magazine allowed the campaign to penetrate the local market through both paid media and a grassroots effort, helping to make people aware of hunger and isolation in the community.

During the run in Philadelphia magazine, the Shelved ad and advertorial reached more than 1 million readers.

Account Supervisor


Dudnyk employees volunteered their time as well as their skills, helping to prepare meals and even becoming visitors for homebound clients. Giving back is an essential part of life at Dudnyk—it helps to build camaraderie, pride, and a strong sense of connectedness within our loyal community.

We developed a promotional video heightening awareness of hunger and social isolation in the Greater Philadelphia area and of the work Caring for Friends does in the community.

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