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Overcoming Marketing Roadblocks

Laurie Bartolomeo weighs in on the biggest roadblocks pharma marketers face.

A Nuanced Message: Marketing to the Rare Diseases Community

Marketing to rare disease communities requires a different kind of strategy.

Healthcare marketing powerhouse brings her expertise to Dudnyk

Annemarie Armstrong has joined the agency as EVP, Director of Client Services.

Brand differentiation is key in rare disease space

The rare disease landscape is moving toward something more familiar: a competitive landscape.

Laurie Bartolomeo―Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

PharmaVOICE 100 is an annual list of the most influential and inspirational leaders from across all sectors of the life-sciences industry. Laurie Bartolomeo, EVP, Creative Director, was honored for motivating colleagues, clients, doctors, and patients.

Dudnyk nominated for coveted Agency of the Year award

Dudnyk moves one step closer to repeating its 2014 performance as Agency of the Year winner with MM&M’s announcement of the 2016 nominations.

Better methods of collecting, analyzing, and using data can lead to better patient experiences

Drew Desjardins, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, explained the need for leveraging real-time data to craft marketing strategies that work in PharmaVoice’s feature article, “Data Analytics Create Better Commercial Strategies.”

Dudnyk helps MM&M celebrate 50th anniversary

Dudnyk took the opportunity to customize the third “M” of the masthead for the April issue of MM&M.

Promoting brands for rare diseases can have a positive impact on patients' lives

Dudnyk’s work recognized as some of industry's best creative

Dudnyk was named to the PM360 Greatest Creators Showcase for its visually arresting disease awareness campaign, “See the Signs of VOD.”

Delivering value in a changing world

Drew Desjardins, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, contributed to PM360’s Think Tank conversation. When asked how companies can stay ahead of the changes taking place in healthcare marketing, Drew answered―Provide Value.

PharmaVOICE asks leaders to reflect on the past 15 years and to predict what's on the horizon

Drew Desjardins, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, shares his observation on how interactions with patients suffering from rare diseases have changed.

Agency starts 2016 with Gold and Silver awards for client work

Industry peers recognize Dudnyk’s creativity in healthcare marketing for 6th year in a row. Agency won a Gold Pharma Choice award for its disease awareness campaign and a Silver award in the professional print category.

4 leaders start 2016 with promotions

Laurie Bartolomeo, John Kemble, Drew Desjardins, and Dan Zaksas, PhD were recognized for outstanding work with clients and leading their respective departments.