Patient Stories Can Bridge the Gap Between Pharma and Patients

by PharmaVOICE Staff

In a society in which technology has made possible virtual connections in a matter of seconds, are there other ways we should be better engaging with the patient audience?
Patient stories are being used to illustrate organizations’ brand, services, and successes—and social media platforms and virtual technologies can further leverage these stories. Dawn Hastings, VP, Creative Director, says that, while “in rare diseases, individualized one-on-one contact still rings true as a useful and effective method,” more can be done on in the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing industries to utilize today’s communications.
To avoid missing opportunities to emotionally connect with the patient audience, these healthcare and consumer markets can use these technologies to deliver more and more brand messaging. “I believe that is only scratching the surface of what could be done and how these narratives can be incorporated into this setting.”
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