Lessons Learned from Rare Disease First Commercial Launches

by Annemarie Armstrong, Executive VP, Director of Client Services

The road to a first commercial launch is exciting, and yes, stressful at times. But when helping to bring a lifesaving or life-changing new therapy to patients, it’s worth the trip.
We’ve had the privilege of working on more than 10 first commercial launches, most of them in rare disease. As an agency partner we’ve worked with biotechs as they’ve evolved from R&D to commercialization, marshaling the expertise and experience of an entirely new team. One lesson we’ve learned along the way is to align the day-of-approval plan. This is a highly detailed plan that identifies what needs to happen when and by whom within a certain amount of hours of approval. The first 48 hours after approval are intense, and the entire cross-functional team as well as your agency partners and external vendors need to be ready.
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