Commanders & Chiefs

by PharmaVOICE Staff

The role of the agency chief creative officer requires a unique balance of artistry, science, and channel expertise.

Today’s digital world offers unique opportunities to expand and evolve conceptual executions and present new methods of directing creative expression. John Kemble, our Executive Creative Producer, says that while 20 years ago, “a strong idea was limited by technology, skills, and budget, we now have amazing programs and all seems limitless.”

It’s vital to John that creative teams remain integrated to continue producing high-quality work, and this often requires an enhanced level of collaboration between creative and clients—but that’s a good thing. Even virtually, magic can still happen when creative partners stay in sync to deliver their best executions for clients and their audiences.

“When you are onto something, the creative partnership spark will carry over into your presentations and in the difficult pharmaceutical marketing space.” John noted. “A great idea may need to be ‘sold’ five times!”

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