Brand Bonds: Agency-Client Relationships

by Tim Anderson, SVP, Client Services

There are many factors that produce successful agency-client relationships: communications, transparency, clear expectations, respect, and appreciation. But chemistry is a key element that can’t be manufactured.

How Tim Anderson of Dudnyk and his client work together as a team has become a model at both companies. “One thing that my client is very good at is emphasizing the importance of the cause and the need to ground everything we do.”

Tim said that his client keeps him focused on the endgame and reason for all of their hard work. He’s worked together with them for so long, he’s learned to recognize the nuance of their respective working styles.

“A strong relationship makes it that much easier during tougher times,” Tim said. “If there is a bond based on trust, transparency follows. And with a transparent partnership then there is nothing that can get in the way of achieving not only the brand goals, but the agency-client goals.”

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