2019 Agency of the Year

Value those around you. Treat each other with dignity and respect. Know that our success depends on our collective talent and strengths.

We believe that when you have great people, they’ll come together to create some truly amazing work. And when you give them a place where they can learn and grow, they’ll even have fun doing it.



Chris has developed a deep understanding of the trust that is needed between healthcare professionals and patients in order to make effective treatment decisions. From his start as a scientific director and director of business development to his current role of president of the agency, Chris’s range of experience has given him many opportunities to look at diseases through both the healthcare professional’s and the patient’s point of view, helping him to truly appreciate the need for unifying these audiences.

If there ever comes a time when Chris disappears from the hallways of Dudnyk, we’ll know where to find him. His dream is to escape to Santorini, buy a boat, and spend his days sailing the island’s majestic seas and taking in the breathtaking views.

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Annemarie, leader of client services, has recognized the important role that patients play in healthcare decisions since she worked for a healthcare system early in her career. She witnessed firsthand how hungry patients and their families are for information and guidance when faced with a new diagnosis. To Annemarie, understanding the conversations that happen in the exam room between healthcare professionals and patients is a key factor in her strategic thinking. Paired with the collaborative environment of an agency, where different disciplines challenge and inspire one another, is what makes the Unifying Effect come to life.

In between meetings, you can likely find Annemarie with a book in her hands. For this self-described neat freak, there is nothing better than tidy space filled with plenty of things to read.

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As leader of strategy at Dudnyk, Drew applies decades of professional experience to finding meaningful connections between HCPs and patients, with the goal of enhancing interactions for the betterment of healthcare brands. Having worked with HCPs, patients, payors, and institutions, Drew truly gets the dynamics among the various constituents within the healthcare system and understands how to make the conversations among them better.

Drew’s competitive spirit is as strong as his strategic acumen. He has been engaged in various competitions since the age of 6 and now looks for ways to instill that same competitive fire in his 4 beautiful daughters.

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As one-half of the creative leadership team, John has understood the importance of helping patients’ voices be heard since his first experience in working on rare disease campaigns more than 10 years ago. He immediately felt the emotional impact of helping patients have more meaningful conversations with their HCPs—and it was the first time he knew that his work could truly make a difference in someone’s life. He believes that partnerships throughout an agency—from art and copy to account, creative, and strategy—are what build the foundation for strong, unified brands.

John can find creative inspiration anywhere, but truth be told, he’d almost always rather be on a mountain or relaxing in front of his koi pond.

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As a creative leader, Laurie brings firsthand experience to the agency every day. As a parent of a child with a rare disease, she knows the importance of ensuring that healthcare professionals truly listen to, understand, and empathize with their patients. In addition to more than 15 years of creative and copywriting experience, Laurie brings the unique outlook of a teacher to the table—an experience that helped her to learn how to engage and interact with different audiences.

For Laurie, the role of creative director comes as no surprise. At her core, she is a nurturer. Whether it’s her 3 children, her prize-winning garden, or an award-winning concept, she will mold, shape, tend, and grow all things around her.

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