NDC—Transforming Reality

With a 20-year track record of delivering high-quality Nitinol medical devices, NDC was facing competition from other Nitinol manufacturers. Previously, they had positioned themselves with a more clinical tone of being Nitinol experts, but that did not help distinguish them from their competitors. NDC needed to make it clear that the services they offered went above and beyond simply delivering a quality product.

As a full-service company, NDC needed to stress the partnership that they offered to their clients to help take Nitinol ideas from concept to commercialization. “Transforming concepts into reality” clearly and quickly demonstrated that NDC was there to manage clients’ needs throughout every step of the development process, from concept design and prototyping to full-scale testing and marketing. The 3-D graphic illustration, which shows the Nitinol device literally coming to life and lifting off the page, speaks to the value that NDC offers in making product development smooth and efficient. The campaign has resonated well with core customers and has generated great interest in finding out more about the “partnership process” offered by NDC.

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