Dudnyk infographic on how physicians search

Physicians will change treatment decisions based on their search results.

Physicians acknowledge that the results of search influence their clinical decisions; in one study, 93% of physicians said that they take action as a result of their search, and 55% reported having changed an initial diagnosis based on information they found online.

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Dudnyk senior media planner discusses merits of programmatic buying

Dudnyk's senior media planner, Dani Barsky, weighs in with a call to action for the pharma industry.

In today’s healthcare mediascape, programmatic buying, which has been an industry buzzword for a couple of years now, is becoming a much more prevalent player and clearly can no longer be ignored by the pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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Dudnyk creative director discusses content marketing as a service

Examples of great content marketing exist in healthcare.

Three examples illustrate how to give your audience relevant, useful information that serves their needs, rather than yours.

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Dudnyk's Heather Aton discusses first year as chief innovation officer

After a year of driving change, 3 key learnings stand out for Heather Aton.

"It’s easy to get everyone on board with the fact that change is needed and/or even that it’s going to happen. It is much harder to integrate the experience of helping others to live through it."

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