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Frank X. Powers

Frank X. Powers


"Do or do not. There is no try."

YodaJedi Master

Frank has a somewhat unusual approach to being an ad agency president. He thinks success lies in taking care of an agency’s people, which he counts as its employees and loyal clients.

No, seriously.

Somewhere along the line—maybe in his MBA days, or in his early days as a consumer brand strategist, or during his tenure as Dudnyk’s Director of Client Services—he got the crazy idea in his head that you can do the best for your clients by making sure you have a strong, healthy organization, a visionary plan for the future, and satisfied happy people. It’s insane and contrary to everything we know about ad agency management, but Frank actually believes that a strong corporate culture and actualized, happy employees make for happy clients and excellent work. That having a strong position and sticking to it with a laser focus will attract more talented associates and prospective clients. Imagine the audacity. Crazy, right?

As president of Dudnyk, Frank has enacted his mad plan, and outrageously enough, it’s working. Dudnyk is growing steadily year after year, and in 2011, the agency was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies. 2014 was a record year for agency growth and industry accolades. The agency was named Most Creative Agency, Small Healthcare Agency of the Year, and 15th on the list of Best Places to Work in PA. Our work was recognized with Best Interactive Marketing Campaign, Gold Pharma Choice Award in the Sales Aid category, and Best Professional Print Ad. This proves Franks “outlandish” ideas correct—that you can do outstanding creative work and be a solid business model at the same time.

Another crazy idea of Frank’s is that once you are successful, you need to maintain your good karma by giving back. He does so liberally, dedicating unbelievable amounts of time, intellectual property, and resources to charities and worthwhile causes that are likewise structured to give back in the community. C’mon now, that’s just too over-the-top. Someone has to stop this guy.

Frank’s brand experience includes consumer, package, and healthcare:
  • global consumer brands such as CocaCola and Powerade
  • global B2B/consumer brands including DuPont
  • global pharmaceutical blockbusters like Nexium, Crestor, Zocor, Lexapro
  • biotech and biopharma brands commercializing proprietary molecules
  • medical device brands in cardiac, neurologic, peripheral systems

Frank’s education includes these degrees:
  • MBA, International Marketing from Philadelphia University
  • BS, Business & Finance from Mount Saint Mary’s College
  • Diploma from LaSalle College High School

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