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Drew Desjardins

Drew Desjardins

EVP, Chief Strategy Officer

"Failure is not an option."

Gene Kranz Retired NASA Flight Director, Apollo 13

Drew stands tall.

Yes, he’s 6’2”, which is well over our average height at the agency; but even more than that, Drew stands head and shoulders above most of us in terms of his experience and knowledge. In more than 15 years at Wyeth, Drew grew from a product manager to serving as executive director on one of the largest franchises in the industry. A transition to executive director at Pfizer brought an even higher level of industry experience and something else—it brought out Drew’s desire to work for an agency like Dudnyk.

It took a big man to step out of those big pharma shoes and pursue a passion to help build and launch small, start-up biotech and biopharma companies. It was a bold move, and where else but at Dudnyk is the ideal place to do that?

As a leader in the field of biotech marketing, Dudnyk is a specialty agency. Drew has a list of specialties as long as his arm. Now, be reminded, his arm is longer than most: product launch, strategic planning, new product development, pricing strategy, leadership development, team building, relationship and multichannel marketing, financial forecasting and modeling, managed markets/government, specialty biologics, branding, positioning, direct to consumer, direct to patient, and patient adherence programs.

Drew’s extensive brand experience includes several blockbusters, and his overall experience as executive director of specialty brands and healthcare systems encompasses a wealth of therapeutic and disease state areas.

Drew’s extensive brand experience includes:
  • global Rx brands, including Benefix, Cardene I.V., Cordarone I.V., Genotropin, Geodon, Pristiq, Protonix, Rebif, Revatio, Somavert, Xalatan, and Xyntha
  • disease categories including bipolar disorder, blood disorders (hemophilia), cardiovascular (hypertension, arrhythmias), endocrinology (human growth hormone, acromegaly), gastroenterology (acid reflux/GERD), infectious diseases, neuroscience (depression, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis), pulmonology (pulmonary arterial hypertension), vaccines, and women’s health

Drew’s education includes these degrees:
  • MBA from LaSalle University School of Business Administration
  • BA in Economics from the University of Maryland

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