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Daniel Zaksas, PhD

Daniel Zaksas, PhD

SVP, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs

"The possible ranks higher than the actual."

Martin Heidegger20th century German philosopher

Dan provides scientific guidance and medical strategy across the full spectrum of products and therapeutic areas at Dudnyk. He oversees the education of internal teams on each product's clinical nuance and competitive landscape, brings medical and scientific credibility to creative concepts, and dives headfirst into research to find the nugget of information that will help pull together a truly unique brand position. With a mind for both marketing excellence and scientific rigor, Dan helps clients build successful brands while ensuring that all materials are medically accurate and strategically sound.

Dan brings to the table a broad range of experience that includes a decade of research in biomedical science as well as several years in medical communications, where he focused on both brand and disease state strategic publication planning, competitive intelligence, and advisory boards. Results of the numerous neuroscience-focused studies he led and conducted during his academic career have been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international congresses.

Dan’s brand experience includes:
  • AdenoPlus, Arcoxia, AzaSite, Botox Cosmetic, Cubicin, Emend, Erwinaze, Flumist, Fosavance, INOmax, Kogenate, Medtronic Diabetes, Northera, Novantrone, Oleptro, Ovidrel, Rebif, RetnaGene, Saphris, Serostim, Shire ADHD Franchise, Shire HAE Franchise, Sivextro, Sjö, Zerbaxa, Zimmer Surgical

Dan holds degrees from these institutions:
  • Postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School
  • PhD in neurobiology from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • BS/MS from the University of Rochester

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