Culture Matters

Dudnyk core values drive culture

Editor’s note: Frank Powers wrote this post while he was president of Dudnyk. He left the agency in Oct. 2015.

David C. Baker, consultant to more than 800 marketing firms worldwide and one of my most influential mentors, had this to say about organizational culture at creative agencies:

“One thing we know for sure is that it’s not strongly connected to the “vision,” “mission,” and “culture” signs hanging in the lobby. Heck, the most evil companies in history said all the right things, and they said them in engraved marble in the lobby! No, culture isn’t what you say. Culture is what you do.”

As Dudnyk’s president for the past 5 years, I have observed and participated on many cross-functional teams. And what I’ve learned about company culture echoes David’s sentiment.

Words can fall flat.

It’s the actions that tell the story.

Our employees demonstrate daily the actions that reinforce the Dudnyk culture.

The oft-used Dudnyk hashtag #culturematters was born out of an agency experience at an industry event, at which team members were so proud of our most creative agency achievement that they took to Twitter to share the joy. The smiles, the excitement, the laughter, the trust, the respect all demonstrated our actions.

Our culture.

As president, I believe that our culture truly matters. And more importantly—so does the entire team here at the agency.

Conventional business wisdom claims that culture begins at the top, starting with the CEO. While it may begin at the top, culture only flourishes and becomes tangible when it spreads beyond the company’s leadership.

The real backbone of our agency’s culture is our staff.

The Dudnyk team.

A group of passionate individuals who come together every day to realize that they, and the agency, can be the best. And they compete—with themselves and the best in the industry—to prove that they are, indeed, the best. 

“Delivering attention-grabbing creative based on key strategic insights is why we come to work every day. Having a thriving culture that encourages employee satisfaction is what makes it fun.”

Here are the 5 core values that are at the heart of Dudnyk’s culture:

Be your best.
Pursue excellence in everything you do. Strive to exceed expectations and over deliver on client commitments on a daily basis.

Honor your word.
Speak directly and say only what you mean. Be loyal to the things you say you are going to do. Keep your promises.

Keep learning.
Embrace opportunities for growth. Through innovation and inspiration, we can overcome any challenge and achieve any goal.

Believe in others.
Value those around you. Treat each other with dignity and respect. Know that our success depends on our collective talent and strengths. 

Never give up.
Things will not always be perfect, and failure is inevitable. If we keep trying and pushing toward our vision, anything is possible.

You can read about these core values or hear an employee describe the Dudnyk culture, but to understand their true meaning, they have to be experienced.

The Dudnyk culture and our value system permeate all that we do—whether it’s through how we approach our creative product, how we conduct social engagement, or the vibe generated when you walk the agency hallways.

I invite you to learn more about our people, as they are the key to the culture that has made Dudnyk the most creative agency in healthcare.

I invite you to experience our actions. 



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