3 simple steps can help your brand engagement

Measuring brand engagement

Nowadays, multichannel marketing is a common method to expose your biotech brand to your customers. A brand’s plan will include a diverse set of tactics delivered across a wide range of media both online and offline.

But how do you know which tactics are working and which are not? Where do the majority of your customers go for information? What’s driving the level of engagement in each initiative?

Making measurement a priority can help you deliver your message to the right audience while maximizing your brand budget.

Consider these simple steps to get a better idea of how your brand is performing:

1. Determine which tactics are driving the most engagement among your customers. Often brand managers will have their “go to” tactics. However, it’s important to truly understand which channels your customers prefer and diversify your media so you can test and learn what is most effective. Get an idea of which drivers are performing best and focus your efforts there.

2. Understand the level of engagement each tactic is generating. In addition to measuring how well your drivers are performing, you should have an idea of how well your customers are engaging with your branded messages.  What is their level of recall of a journal ad? How far are they getting within an e-detail? You need an idea of how well your content is being digested among your target audience.

3. Balance measurement outcomes with the cost of each tactic. Know what to expect from an ROI perspective and hold each initiative up to those expectations. If one of your tools isn’t working, it may be time to try something else. Or, there may be a way to optimize its performance if you’ve already invested in it.

It’s no longer enough to purchase prime media space for your branding. Just because something has the potential to reach a large audience doesn’t mean it will. And, it doesn’t mean that audience will have any meaningful form of engagement with your brand.

With a few simple metrics, you can keep tabs on how well your tactics are performing:

  • Journal advertising – Market research; recall and readership studies
  • Website – Number of unique visitors
  • E-detail – Engagement rate (those engaging with your key messages)
  • Direct mail – Response rates
  • Email – Open and click-through rates
  • Paid search/banner ads – Click-through rates
  • A full-service agency partner should be able to help guide you through the measurement process.

    To effectively build a lasting brand, you will need to expose your target audience to consistent imagery and messaging multiple times, and through multiple channels.  Then, look at metrics early and often as a sort of ongoing system of checks and balances that will let you know what’s working, and what isn’t.

    Following these simple guidelines can help you gain a better understanding of the marketing tools needed to reach all of your key customers, and to do so within your scope of budget.

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