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Following these 5 simple guidelines when preparing for a product photoshoot can save your clients’ time and money—and improve efficiency.

When preparing for a branded photoshoot, there are a few things you can do to make your brand manager breathe easy.

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Balancing act

Appeal to the logical and the emotional aspect of your target audience

Guest blogger Jon Mowat is the Managing Director of Hurricane Media, a video production company specializing in medical markets. Jon has produced numerous animations and films for the medical device and pharma sectors.

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Creative problem solving

Taking a unique approach—thinking outside the box or just inside the borders—applies to the pharma world as much as it does to the classroom

When my daughter was in preschool, she was given a 10x10 grid and a set of blocks numbered 1 through 100 and asked to place them in order in the grid. Instead of focusing on the challenge in a linear fashion, she chose to place the numbers in a square pattern, starting with the outer edges and winding her way to the center of the grid.

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Brand workshop

Brand workshop secrets you can’t do without—to rekindle your enthusiasm and sense of discovery all over again.

If you’re in marketing, odds are you’ve attended at least one brand workshop. These are usually day-long affairs hosted by the advertising agency and attended by a variety of stakeholders, from R&D and marketing, to medical and PR. Are these workshops really good for anything besides a day away from your desk?

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