Follow these useful tips at the beginning of your launch to help your brand achieve long-term success.

Last week while reading the monthly newsletter Eye for Pharma, I came upon some helpful suggestions from Andree Bates, president of Eularis, on how you can avoid costly mistakes during launch and help your brand achieve long-term success.

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social media

Social media isn’t going away, so what does a biotech brand manager need to know to get FDA approval? You already know. Proceed accordingly.

Americans look to online and offline sources to obtain their healthcare information. The Pew Internet/California HealthCare Foundation found that 61% of Americans turn to the Internet

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Learn what best-selling author, entrepreneur, and agent of change Seth Godin had to say about healthcare marketing. Take a look back at our personal interview with Seth.

Several years ago, I was reading Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, which I found to be an interesting book. It led to our agency’s reaching out a

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Staying current and reading well can turbocharge brand managers' careers. But with late nights, working weekends, and Blackberrys on vacation, how do you ever find time to read?

Most of us wouldn't go a single day without checking email, but can go for weeks, months, or even a year without cracking a book, powering up a Nook, or settling down with the business journals that pile up on our desk. I think it's an odd conundrum of our wired age that managers feel guilty about the book

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